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Welcome to our site!  We are a diverse group of all races and ages, professional women, stay-at-home moms, and students setting the record straight.  We are exercising our First Amendment rights of free speech because we represent a growing movement of Virginia women—thousands of Virginia women—who are disgusted with the gender-baiting that has become a favorite tactic of some political candidates.

This political spin is very much like race-baiting.  Today, these gender-baiting candidates use focus-grouped phrases and code words to frighten women and ridicule their political opponents to scare women into voting for the gender-baiters.  They believe we are gullible.  These gender-baiters are like the Pied Piper:  Repeat the shrill notes of the scary code words, such as “War on Women,” and expect entranced women to follow.  They are counting on most women not having the time to learn the entire truth and all of the substantive information they need to make wise voting decisions.  But many of us do have the whole truth, and we want to speak it out to women today:  This gender-baiting is filled with lies.  In fact, they are stupid lies.  But we are not as stupid as the gender-baiters think we are. We are here to set the record straight with all of the FACTS, instead of their robotic political sales pitch.

One stupid lie pushed by several candidates is that exempting existing Virginia abortion facilities from recently enacted health and safety standards will somehow be a good thing for women. But only due to the new standards, state health inspectors went into these facilities for the first time in decades and found such deficiencies as expired medications, extremely poor infection prevention protocols, dirty and unsanitary conditions, absence of criminal background checks for staff who handle narcotics, and many others (see excerpts from documents below): 

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Troubled Doctors: 

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 “The freezer which is used to store the collected conception material, had blood and un-bagged conception material frozen to the inner bottom surface ... A bucket that held water to rinse the suction pump lines after procedures was turbid with floating black particles.  Supplies scheduled for the day’s procedures were open and left uncovered on the treatment/procedure room counter exposed to contamination” (Tidewater).

"The full length of the bilateral leg supports for the stirrups (used to position the patient during the procedure) had rust. The ledge of the table that surrounded the table's padded surface had multiple areas of rust ... The procedure table's armrest had multiple worn and non-intacd areas. The non-intact surfaces prevented the disinfection of the procedure table and its armrest between patients" (Richmond).
"Staff re-used sponges for cleaning blood and body fluid spills post procedures" (Richmond).

"[T]he facility failed to ensure physicians were licensed to practice medicine in Virginia and had the necessary training and experience to perform abortions" (Alexandria).

"At no time was the physician observed washing his hands or performing hand hygiene" (Alexandria).

"failed to...Perform appropriate cleaning of environmental surfaces (As evidenced by dried blood on two of two procedure tables and four of fIve recovery recliners had an unidentified substance spilled on the lower inner rails.... Dried blood splatters were found on the wall, door and door frame between the 'Wet Lab" and procedure room...." (Falls Church).
"[T]he facility failed to develop and implement ... procedures for the prevention and control of infections as evidenced by: 
1. Failing to provide adequate hand washing equipment in the "Dirty" utility room.
2. Multiple use of a single-use product and failing to disinfect the single-use vacutainer needle holders between patient lab draws. Staff use of a sponge to clean the procedure jars and failed to disinfect procedure jars and stoppers between patients."
3. Failure to disinfect three (3) of three recovery room cots between patients" (Roanoke). 

"...outdated supplies available for patient use in the: "Emergency Cart": Two (2) Cuffed tracheal tubes size 7.5 [used to provide a patient with an open ailway) had expired 02/2004; Three (3) Angiocath 20 gauge 1-114 in (inch) (used to start a patient's intravenous line] had expired 08/2000 and One (1) Angiocath 18 gauge 1. 16 in had expired 09/2006" (Roanoke).

"[T]he facility failed to:  1. Disinfect reusable equipment between patients:
(a) One of two procedure tables had various colorations of dried blood under the removable support cushion. One of two procedure table cushions was tom with exposed underlying foam; 
(b) One of one staff observed performing reprocessing of equipment failed to prevent recontamination of the equipment.
(e) Five of five recovery recliners were tom and three of five recliners had a build-up of food particles and unidentifiable substances..." (Roanoke).
"[T]he following medications were expired and available for administration:
 50% Dextrose 25 grams expired 7/1/12, 1 vial Vasopressin 30 Units/ml (milliliter) expired June 2012, 1 vial Lidocaine 2% 20 mg/ml 100 mg (milligrams)
expired January 2013... 2 ampoules of Atropine 1 mg expired December 2012, 
2 ampoules of Isuprel 1:5000 expired January 1, 2013, 2 ampoules of Epinephrine 1:1000 expired October 1, 2012, 4 vials of Adenosine 3 mg/ml expired January
 2012 ..." (Richmond).

"No person may perform an abortion upon an unemancipated minor unless informed written 
consent is obtained from the minor and the minor's parent, guardian or other authorized person.... This RULE is not met as evidenced by:
"...the facility staff failed to ensure informed written consent was obtained from the minor's parent or guardian for 3 (three) of 4 (four) minor patients who had a procedure to terminate pregnancy" (Roanoke).

Click on this link to watch Democrat Terry McAuliffe say he would issue "guidance documents" to exempt existing abortion facilities from health standards if elected governor:   

Terry, here's the Code of Virginia.  It doesn't authorize "guidance documents" to overrule state law!
 You will see that in no instance does it grant the governor the power to issue such guidance or otherwise undermine the authority of the General Assembly, who are the people's representatives. Search it for yourself (especially note Va. Code § 32.1-127(B)(1) and § 32.1-127.001:  Code of the Commonwealth of Virginia

The excerpts above are just the tip of the iceberg.  These facilities had hundreds more deficiencies!  Without these standards, what would the clincs still be like today?  See the evidence for yourself.  We've posted most of the official Virginia state facility inspection documents on the following pages so that you can quickly learn the truth.  We've also uploaded some documentation describing several of the troubled abortion doctors who have practiced in Virginia.

Virginia women don't need a politician who refuses to protect them: